A Lesson in Poetry (Poems by Flantics)

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A Lesson in Poetry (Poems by Flantics) Empty A Lesson in Poetry (Poems by Flantics)

Post  Flashlight Antics on Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:07 am

Here's just a few of my poems. If you guys like them then maybe I'll grace your eyes with some more. And if you hate them then I'll accost your eyes with more. Either way, expect more XD

Oh, and...

WARNING: These are a little controversial. I wouldn't have it any other way ^_^


Snow Cold
By Flashlight Antics

Cold as snow is your heart
Black and cold like winter nights
You lost one, I lost none
Love struck me down, I stood back up
Cold as ice is your hollow thoughts
Love, the word makes me laugh
I peer into your eyes
Cold as snow, they are


Colors on Your Face
By Flashlight Antics

I see you in the corner, with a look of difference about you
I paint a picture of how you once were, beauty is grand on you
You used to have more then these pail colors of morn
You used to have the bright greatness of pink and tan
Your skin truly a sight for sore eyes in a time of need
But now the colors wash from your face
Red is all that is left, cold, deep red
You should have fought harder
Red is all I see


Bring Me The Horizon, That Fine Horizon
By Flashlight Antics

The eye can see only as far as the horizon, no more, no less
Dream of passing the horizon and time will devourer you
So bring me the horizon, that fine horizon I see
Because time is little good to me, I have lost it
Bring me that horizon, that fine, fair horizon
So that I may be consumed by it in a painful eternity


Show Me How You Bleed
By Flashlight Antics

Your fine skin
My blade of lust
Your true hair
My false trust
Black cold eye
Sprit gone cruel
Forever never
Evil rule
Show me how
Your heart will seed
After bleed


By Flashlight Antics

Heretic, ruining our lives
Taking our dogma
Skewing our hopes
Harping our loyal ways
Lunatic, changing our world
Wasting our justice
Blasting our souls
Raping our book of dreams
Hater, killing our pride
Tearing our hearts
Rending our love
Ending our sinless lives


By Flashlight Antics

Eyes gazing like heaven’s flame
A smile that lights the soul
Like a gift to all the world
Beauty in heart and mind
With no expectation otherwise
A whisper to the gods
That thanks them for this gift
This gift I hold in my arms
Flashlight Antics
Flashlight Antics

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