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Rules for everywhere Empty Rules for everywhere

Post  Karmarsi Kedamoki on Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:35 pm


You will receive 3 warnings before beginning to be banned. Look bellow for the line
1st warning - warning
2nd warning - warning
3rd warning - warning
4th warning - short temp ban ( depending on the rate between each warning )
5th ban - full ban

- No flaming whats so ever. Flaming being threatening, harrassing, calling names that are
extreme, etc
- No trolling. Trolling is another thing we are trying to avoid, that's part of the reason
why this forum was made to begin with.
- Language is fine so long as it's not concentrated in one reply. A good couple of cuss
words are fine but if the majority of your reply is cussing that's not good.

- Give new members a warm welcome. If you dislike the new person don't reply to their
- Try to avoid extreme sexual relations. If you are not sure if what you are thinking about
posting is classified as such or not contact me or Majin.

- In the help with life forum please don't be rude, people are looking for help and are
hoping for good, decent advice. If it's just a playful rudeness that is fine, so long as
you're being friend and just having fun with the thread maker.
- In discussion don't bash on others opinions
- In the technology forum please provide accurate information, such as the type of program,
your computer and specs ( if you know them ).
- In technology don't ask for illegal downloads, if you want a download ask for the official
website of said program.


- Please post in the appropriate forum
- If you want an emulator, ask in the Technology forum, however asking for a ROM fits under the "Illegal Download" rule, and as such, posts/threads asking for ROMS will be deleted.

- Porn / Nudity is allowed, but please put it in a link with a warning.
- Do not critique anyone unless they ask. Same goes for red lining
- Do not bash another's fandom. This is not Deviantart XD
- Stories may have lemons by please do warn before hand, in the post or the title link. If
you don't know how one of the mods or admins will help
- Keep role plays without sex. Keep them on border with gore, language and all that.

Karmarsi Kedamoki
Karmarsi Kedamoki

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Rules for everywhere Empty Re: Rules for everywhere

Post  Majin Kedamoki on Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:11 pm

I had to edit one of the rules. Nothing major though
Majin Kedamoki
Majin Kedamoki

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