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Post  Flashlight Antics on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:36 am

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It was another beautiful spring day on the east coast of Kalay in the capital city of Cliffside. The dragons had all been up for many hours now but a great number of the humans were still just waking up. Riders and dragons alike were already populating the feeding grounds. The feed-sheep set loose to give sport and sustenance to the dragons while giving the riders time to fill their stomachs as well.

Flanor had been there since awaking with Zeta, the two being one of the only pairs to rise at the same time. Flanor was reading a book on the history of wizardry while Zeta picked the leavings from his teeth. Zeta was not only one of the biggest dragons in Cliffside, but was also the one to usually get first pickings of the feed-sheep. This usually meant he got the largest and fattest of them, giving him a full tummy after every breakfast.

<Is your book any good?> Zeta asked Flanor, looking at the leather-bound book with interest. Unknown to most, dragons were very keen with magic and could cast far more powerful spells then a human could. That is to say if they ever choose to learn such things.

“It’s okay. Not much of it is new to me,” Flanor responded. Many humans chose not to communicate telepathically with their dragons and spoke to them verbally even when the dragon refused to do so. Zeta was capable of speech; he just preferred to communicate telepathically. Defiantly, Zeta turned his snout up at Flanor and puffed a small plume of smoke.

<I’d still like a chance at it when you’re done,> the dragon said, snorting. Flanor just chuckled a little and looked up at his companion.

“Well you’re certainly welcome to read it when I’m done,” Flanor said. The fact that such a large creature was not only interested in the texts of humans but also an AVID bookworm often amazed and confounded Flanor.

Looking out at the other dragons in the field, Flanor thought about the past. The topic was often touchy with the man, holding many things he chose to forget or placed in the depths of his mind. Being mentally linked with the man, Zeta sensed what it was Flanor was contemplating. Despite this, Zeta rarely talked to Flanor about the past. The dragon knew it was unwise to bring up such conversation and strayed away from such things…no matter how tormented Flanor looked.

<I suppose you’ll want to train today?> Zeta asked, trying to bring Flanor back to the present. Flanor shook his head and looked over at Zeta.

“Yes, I suppose. Jason mentioned something about joining in today,” Flanor was about the only one that called the General King by his first name. None were gutsy enough to do so and none knew him as well as Flanor did. Jason Jorren was practically Flanor’s father, raising Flanor after his father died. Flanor revered Jason more then any other Captain of any wing.

<Hmm…and I hope you don’t intend on trying to compete with him. He always beats you,> Zeta wasn’t a fool. He knew better to get between Flanor and his sport but he would never compete himself. After all, the General King rode Morlow, the Dragon King. Zeta was a big gold dragon, but Morlow was bigger…a lot bigger.

Flanor chuckled. “I’m not going to duel him again if that’s what you’re asking,” Flanor said with a smile.

<And that doesn’t mean you won’t compete with him over SOMETHING,> Zeta snorted. Flanor just laughed and stood up from the grass, closing his book.

“Come on, you old lizard. Let’s just go before you worry your scales off,” Flanor chuckled. Zeta snorted again and stood as well, kneeling when Flanor got close to let him on his back.

<I’m not racing Morlow again, by the way,> Zeta reaffirmed his rider. <I think he enjoys winning more then the General King does.>


Calop arose to a warm sun hitting his face. He smiled as he rose from bed and stretched mightily. Then it hit him, if the sun was hitting him in his room, he was late. Rushing out of bed and scrambling to get dressed, he ran out and grabbed a muffin while suiting up Selo.

Selo was practically in a dead sleep when he was utterly stricken from his dream world. Calop was in a hurry and Selo wasn’t about to get in the way of Calop suiting him up by moving around a lot. He got up and just stretched much the way a satisfied cat would after a nap.

“Hurry up, Selo, we’re late again?” Calop said. Selo just galloped behind his partner on the way to the offices of the Gamma Wing. Selo was not much bigger then a horse and was unusually small for his age and color. That didn’t stop him from getting into trouble, though, and even though he was small, he was fast. None faster then Selo, Captain Lonn would say to Calop. Despite his speed, Calop usually insisted he walk everywhere himself.

“Darn it, Captain Lonn is going to kill us!” Calop said.

<At least we won’t have to do the early morning deliveries!> Selo said on the up side.

<I guess> Calop thought to Selo.
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